Who We Are

Visintech is currently developing computer vision solutions. Our work includes face detection, face tracking, and accurate face pose detection in real-time using low power systems. Additional work includes natural user interaction, 3D scene reconstruction, object recognition and classification.

Visintech delivers solutions in robotics and computer vision applications.  We have developed computer vision middleware solutions and are building unique hardware and software applications in robotics, NUI and entertainment.  Our solutions are unique in their accuracy, performance and capabilities.


Travis Dorschel

Travis is Co-Founder and Core Technologist at Visintech. He has over 9 years software development experience over the entire development lifecycle. Travis got his entrepreneurial start designing, programming, and marketing his own “live desktops” for Windows. Since then, he has acquired vast experience in real-time computer vision, graphics developemnt, and GPGPU optimization. He was a developer at Microsoft for 3 years leveraging the Photosynth technology to develop a 3D reconstruction and augmented reality application and also prototyping and developing GPGPU languages for what would become the C++ AMP language extension. Travis has built a computer vision platform for the Kinect sensor as well as unique computer vision prototypes such as the MathCam application. He is passionate to turn his vision for the future of computing and robotics into a reality.

Jon Hogins

While he isn’t rock climbing or working his day job at DRVision Technologies, Jon is working hard as Co-Founder and Software Developer at Visintech. Jon is a recent graduate, but don’t let that new-diploma smell fool you. During his three years of professional experience, he has become well versed in computer graphics, algorithm engineering, and software management. After a number of exciting internships at organizations including NASA and the University of Houston’s Biotech department, Jon decided to settle down for a short time at DRVision Technologies as an Algorithm Engineer, where he has been actively developing their computer vision platform for biological analysis and also managing a small team working on a best-in-business industrial image search library. In Visintech, Jon looks to bring computer vision out of the research lab and into the world.

Incoming! Kinect 3D Head Tracking Demo

Have you ever experienced that jarring effect when you move your head during 3D movie? Well we certainly have. It’s as if someone just took your entire world and exposed it as a stack of cardboard cutouts. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Imagine if you could move around your movie or game and experience …

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